Friday, April 12, 2013

Gifts from Kentucky

These are the souvenirs I got for my host family and cooperating teacher. My host family has six children (all 12 and under), so candy was a must! I got all of these items from various places around Bowling Green. Here's a list of all the items and where they might be found:

Bourbon balls (Liquor Barn)
Kentucky coffee (Liquor Barn)
Bourbon Brittle (Liquor Barn)
Rock Candy (Mammoth Cave and other cave gift shops)
Maple nut candy (Cracker Barrel)
Various flavored candy sticks (Cracker Barrel)
Small knick knack toys (Cracker Barrel)
WKU silly bands (WKU Store)
WKU magnet (WKU Store)
WKU coffee mug (WKU Store)

I got the coffee mug, coffee and bourbon balls for my teacher and gave the rest to my host family. Most of these items were pretty novel to my family. None of them knew what rock candy was, the kids knew what silly bands were but they were very interested to hear why they were shaped like towels, big red blobs, etc. The parents went crazy over the maple candy. I don't think they have very many maple flavored candies in Europe. All of these items provided good conversation topics, such as where maple comes from, what Bourbon whisky is, and what rock candy is supposed to look like.

I also brought pennies for all of my students. I stole this idea from a student teacher from a previous semester, and it seems to be a popular idea this semester. It's a good, inexpensive way to ensure you have something for everybody.

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